Lets Get This Straight

I grew up at a time when straight hair was on trend. Not just naturally straight hair, I mean SUPER straight hair that you can only achieve with a straightener. But before straighteners were really a thing, I remember walking into the living room and seeing my sister laying down on the wood floor and my mom would iron her hair. Yes I said iron, with an actual clothing iron. That was really when straight hair started to be a big trend. So over time you could say that I have had many many many straighteners in my life. Only every straightener that I owned never really met my expectations. I finally found my dream straight hair duo and I will not go back to using anything else to achieve my straight hair.

When I tried the Bed Head Morning After Straightener, I was surprised at how straight my hair got. Typically after blow drying my hair, my hair gets frizzy so I was curious to see how well the straightener would tame it. After using this, my hair was probably the straightest it has ever been! I would have loved to have this straightener growing up. The Morning After Straightener comes with different settings to keep your hair looking smooth without unnecessary heat. The different settings was one of my favorite parts – wash day, second day, third day. This makes it easy to know which setting would be best!

Now I did say hair straightening duo so the other product I can’t live without is the Bed Head Morning After Hair Smoother. Ever wake up in the morning and notice that your hair looks like you had dreams about getting chased by a lion and you got caught up in some trees so now you have hair just everywhere… Not to mention it isn’t wash day. This hair smoother allows you to have that beautiful smooth hair you had the day before by detangling and smoothing out those crazy dream creases without excessive heat!


The amazing pair themselves – These products are life savers! Also the perfect size for traveling.

Product link for straightener HERE

Product link for Smoother HERE

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bed Head and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own*

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