Remember to Laugh at Yourself

So many things in life you have to take seriously. Too many things actually and I think sometimes we forget that were human and random things can happen. I think its important to learn to laugh at yourself. They do say that laughter is the best medicine after all, right? Which is why I wanted to have a “bloopers” section on my blog. Blogging and being a content creator isn’t easy and I have had plenty of funny moments in the process. Maybe it wasn’t funny at the time.. maybe it was embarrassing at first. I want people to know this career path isn’t perfect and life isn’t perfect so don’t feel discouraged if you feel like your life isn’t as great as others make it seem. The majority of the time everyone is just pretending!

When I was little I remember I loved getting those teen vogue magazines and I can’t remember exactly if teen vogue were the ones that had the embarrassing moments section or not but one magazine did. Basically these people would email or back then probably mail their embarassing stories to this company in hopes that their story will be shared in the magazine. Aside from being in love with the fashion and being dragged into what celebrity was dating who.. the embarassing stories were my favorite. I remember reading them and laughing so hard and thanking God that hasn’t happened to me..but I remember how it made me feel. oddly laughing at someone else made my day better as terrible as that might sound, but if the person is willing to put themselves out there like that then why not.

I have always loved making people laugh, it made me feel good that I could make someone so happy that they couldn’t contain it. Laughter is a beautiful thing and that’s why I’m creating a bloopers section. So hopefully I can make tons of people laugh even if it was at my misfortune. I hope that reading these stories will help you in not taking yourself so seriously too.


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