Current Favorite Teas & Drink Recipe

I know there are a lot of you that will think im crazy for saying this but I would pick tea over coffee ANYDAY. I used to love drinking coffee, my love for it started off pretty young. I remember my grandma let me try it one time because I wanted to see what it tasted like and I fell in love (of course it had a bunch of creamer & sweetener in it so that’s probably why). As I got older, my taste changed and I started to love the taste of black coffee. During this phase, I was working extremely early in the morning and I would make black coffee to take with me to work. I noticed that I started getting really shaky and jittery -if thats even a word. I knew something like that couldn’t be good for my health and my body reacts to caffeine in a very strong way.

After choosing not to deal with that anymore, I started drinking tea instead. Most of the tea I drink have little or no caffeine in them and I no longer have that gross feeling like im going to pass out or shake until I pass out. So let’s get into my current favorites…

*I add fresh honey from the farmers market to most of these teas*

  1. Daily Support by Lipton which has Turmeric, Echinacea & Ginger – I drink this every morning when I wake up. This one isn’t caffeine free but the caffine is hardly there so you don’t get that feeling of having caffine.
  2. Buttermint by Twinings is just a vanilla flavored peppermint but it’s one of the best peppermint teas I’ve had and it doesn’t have too much of one flavor. This tea is caffeine free.
  3. Stress Less by Lipton has Cinnamon, Chamomile & Lavender – This one is great as a night-time tea or just for a time you want to relax. Probably a great one if you struggle with anxiety like I do! It is also caffeine free.
  4. Earl Grey by Twinings – This is for when you’re feeling like you need more of a pick me up. This is a true dark tea and has plenty of caffeine in it. I actually fell in love with this one while traveling through Europe. Sometimes this one can be too much caffine for me.
  5. This one is a drink that you actually make and it’s called London Fog. My sister made this for me while visiting during the holidays. It’s Earl Grey with Vanilla and milk. I was reading that some people put lavender in theirs but I haven’t tried that one. Of course you can change these up and use a caffeine free tea, add the vanilla, then use almond milk.

Instructions for London Fog-


  • 3/4 cup or 6 ounces hot tea
  • 1/4 cup or 2 ounces hot milk
  • Vanilla (you can use a different sweetener if you’d like)


  • Place the teabag in a mug with boiling water and allow it to steep for 5 minutes. Remove the teabag, add a shot of vanilla and/or sweeten the tea. While the tea is steeping, heat the milk in the microwave until steaming, if you have a milk frother use it for about 15 seconds until the milk doubles in size and is really foamy. Pour the milk and froth over the hot tea and stir gently.


Let me know if you have tried this before and if you used different sweeteners/teas! I would love to try different ones!

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