Easiest Way to Make a Photo Album

We are pretty artsy in my family so making things like a photo album was something pretty simple for my mom and my sister, but for me, I’m a little different on how I create things. I remember growing up and not having wifi or cell phones yet but for a short period. As I was growing, so was technology. I fell in love with photography… and how you can make someone feel something just by looking at a photo. Which is probably why I ended up being a content creator in instagram. Me and technology are close friends, it’s amazing the amount of things you can do now with it.

I recently discovered this company called Motif. Basically this company made an easy way for your special memories to come to life and its all done online (which is my favorite part!). So even if you aren’t as crafty as others, you can still create a beautiful photo album. With Motif, a lot of the work is done for you! They have curated fonts, themes, and colors to make the process as easy as possible. Rather you are making a photo album for your family, a calendar to keep track or even photo cards, Every step is simple.

Here are some photos from the photo album I made! The design is all by Motif so you can make one just like this!



Here is the link to get started making your own!

Motif Photos


*This is a paid collaboration, however all thoughts are my own*

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