Electric Toothbrush Review

Got a new electric toothbrush today…it cleans well and that’s the tooth!

hahaha ok now that I got the joke out of the way…

To be honest, and If my husband is reading this, he will agree.. I hate going to the dentist. The smells, the noises, the toothbrush and poking… it’s all just uncomfortable. Which reminds me I need to schedule a dentist appointment. So when I was asked to do a review on an electric toothbrush, I had to think about it. I haven’t used one before and like I said before I don’t like the tools the dentist use, so why would I want to use one? I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it, hoping maybe if I use it then I will get use to the dentist.

The electric toothbrush I was sent is by Smile Brilliant called cariPRO Ultrasonic. The first thing I noticed about this were all the different settings! I was so worried that since my teeth are very sensitive that the vibrations would be way too harsh. There is a “sensitive” setting on the brush and that one is my favorite! I can’t rave about this enough, the brush itself is great for all types.


The first time I used the brush, I noticed that the vibration paused. I thought it was a glitch or maybe I put the head on wrong (the heads are replaceable! Yay!). For a few days I couldn’t figure out what it was.. until I started reading more about it and realized that when it pauses, it’s telling you to move on to a different section. I have never been good at reading instructions when it comes to new goodies. I just get excited about it and completely forget to read the manual, with that being said.. please remind me not to buy anything from Ikea. I love the fact that this tells you when to switch to a new area, not only do I forget but this feature makes it great for kids too!


After using this for over a week now, I noticed that overall my mouth feels cleaner. My teeth haven’t felt sensitive using it, I find myself brushing my teeth longer than I did because of the pausing of the brush. With all of that being said, this brush is a win in my book! I will link the product down below if you would like to try it out yourself, did I mention this could be a good gift too? If you have any questions about the brush feel free to ask.

Use code: michelle20 for 20% off!

Enter HERE for a chance to win this toothbrush!

Smile Brilliant Website

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush Heads

*I was gifted this product however, all thoughts are my own*


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