Vegas Guide

First thing is first…

-where to take the best photos-

  • Before heading right into Vegas I know you all know about the Seven Magic Mountains and how popular this spot is. The BEST time to take a photo here (if you can help it) is early in the morning or if you’re going during the middle of the week, it will be less crowded as well. Unless you’re going during a holiday break then you’re out of luck! Now most people take their photos right up next to the rocks but recently I found out that its more appealing if you step further from the rocks and get a shot of all of them.. like this shot I got on my last trip.


  •  Getting a view with the Paris hotel Eiffel tower – theres a few ways you could do this but my favorite shot was from the Bellagio fountains.


  • At the valet entrance of  the Paris hotel, there is a replica of the Arc de Triomphe which is such a great place for a photo. Just keep in mind where the sun is located when you’re ready for this shot. I went to take this photo and had to leave and come back later because the sun was blinding my face.


  •  You will probably want a classic photo with the Vegas sign, I have not taken that photo but im sure one day I will.. so sorry for not having an example for that one. What I can tell you though is, like the Seven Magic Mountains, the Vegas sign is basically always packed and there is usually a long line to get a photo here.. the best option in my opinion would be to go at an odd time. Unless if you don’t mind waiting in line!


-prettiest hotels to stay in-

  • Caesars Palace – I have stayed in this hotel the most and it amazes me every time. The pool is amazing.. the inside of the hotel is beautiful.. make sure you get a room with the bathtub and jets. Also they have the best nightclub there called Omnia and its just as gorgeous as the rest of the place. Downside is you do have to pay for parking but the location of Caesars is perfect.
  • The Venetian- This last time I went was the first time I stayed in the Venetian and I am blown away by this place. Worth every. single. dime. I would hate to say that I like this hotel better than Caesars since I usually stay there but The rooms here are amazing and the bathroom is built for a queen. I have never seen a bathroom as incredible as this one! Could of stayed in there all day everyday. Downside is, the location of this hotel makes it a far walk to get to places like the Paris hotel. Plus side is you don’t have to pay for parking.


-food options-

  • Hex in the Paris hotel – you get a perfect view of the gorgeous Bellagio fountain and they have really really really good pizza
  • The Seafood Shack in Treasure Island- this place has amazing seafood!
  • Good ole Denny’s… I think this place speaks for itself


-few random tips-

  • Wear comfy shoes as much as you can – even my most broken-in wedges were killing me after awhile. Be prepared to walk more than you ever have…but if you forget or still want to wear those heels, they have vending machines for a pair of flats just in case.
  • Don’t forget to spend time in the room you paid for! The rooms are amazing for a reason, relax a little.. get a bath bomb from lush at the shops and take a bath while watching your favorite show (yes, the hotels I mentioned above have a T.V. in the bathroom) This might also be my favorite thing to do!
  • Go to a club at least once. The atmosphere is unlike any other and I promise you wont regret going. Even if you don’t stay for the main act, you will still have a great time! My favorite person to see is Steve Aoki. If hes in town when you are, you have got to go see him.
  • Don’t just explore Vegas during the day, make sure you do it at night too. It’s a whole different experience.
  • Visit the old Vegas. Beware there are some interesting things over there but its something worth seeing.


Hope you have the best time in Vegas!

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