Bangs for Days: Why I got Them

Soooooo when I was a kid I had bangs, as I got older I grew out of them and decided I wanted something different. I had the “swoop” bang and no bangs back and forth for several years. Why would I go back to my childhood look?

  • First of all my forehead is a little bigger than average. Not much bigger but I can see the difference. So that was one thing I considered


  • I used to be really big into makeup but once I started getting older, I wasn’t into it as much. I started wearing less makeup and spending more time having adventures than sitting in front of the mirror. Now if you’re a striving makeup artist then I completely understand and you do your thing girllll


  • This point kind of goes along with the makeup thing – when I was in high school it was cool to have thin eyebrows.. so I plucked the crap out of them and now I miss them (I was one of those lucky kids with amazing eyebrows) Note to self when having a little girl: Don’t let her pluck her eyebrows down to hardly anything. Anyways, I had to fill them in every single day which took up most of the time and these days I’m all about having experiences that enrich your life instead. Time is precious, use it wisely. Now I don’t worry about my eyebrows because you can’t really see them! Life hack


  • I wanted something that went along with my personality


If you’re wondering whether or not you should get bangs, first do what I did – put your hair into a bun at the very top of your head and use the pieces of hair that hang down out of the bottom of the bun as your “bangs” & take some selfies of course

Still don’t know if you want them?

Try listing reasons like I did and figure out exactly why you want them and if they fit with your lifestyle.


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