Paris, Mon Amour

To be honest I’ve been putting off doing this blog post but not because I didn’t want to write it, it’s because I’m having a hard time trying to find the words. Have you ever been to a place and completely fell head over heels for it? Or miss that place even though you haven’t left yet? Or oddly enough that place feels like coming home.. that’s what Paris felt like to me.

Driving into Paris was surreal, the first thing we saw was the Eiffel Tower. I immediately felt my heart skipping, to me that was one of the most beautiful sites. However, going to our hotel was when I truly fell in love. The place we stayed in is in Montmartre, a place within Paris. This is where I have a hard timing finding the words because nothing I say will do this place justice. We actually had an interesting time getting to our hotel because as it turns out, there are two hotels named the same thing. If you can see where this is going… we ended up walking several SEVERAL flights of stairs to get to this hotel just to find out that we actually went to the wrong one! Fortunately they are extremely close to each other and in the end we got to see more of the city so I didn’t mind. Once we got to our real hotel I was more amazed. This place is very authentic and looks just as beautiful as Montmartre itself. Our room had the most incredibly terrace overlooking the area, filled with cafes and gorgeous buildings.

Our first night in Paris was magical and it is something I will never forget. The feeling you get from being in that area, it’s like walking on clouds. We found a restaurants close to the hotel that was very eye-catching. The inside was small (like every other place) and the walls were brick. They had classy menus and a bar over in the corner. Oddly enough they played american music in there, but that was the extent for the English-speaking. Everything else was in French, including our waiter but he was easy to talk to and very helpful. We ate our first French cheese plate with Perrier of course, I’ve never had a cheese plate before this and now im addicted. Did I mention everyone eats really really late at night in Europe? some people don’t eat dinner until 10pm, which is basically what we did that night. After we ate we walked/ran to the Moulin Rouge before it got dark and as it turns out, it doesn’t start to get dark in Paris until after 10pm. Going to see the Moulin Rouge was one of the best memories that I have. As a child, my sister and I watch the Moulin Rouge movie over and over and over again. It was our favorite movie, so to see it in person was the best feeling. After going to the Moulin Rouge we didn’t want to go back to the hotel yet so we just enjoyed being in Paris, walking the streets and being in love. There is nothing quite like being in the city of love with the love of your life.

The next day was an interesting one. It started off amazing because we woke up in Paris but then it got really bad and then amazing again. It was a day full of emotions and one of the longest days of my life…but in a good way. In the end I wouldn’t change a thing. As we were getting ready for the day and planning out everything we were going to do, my camera fell off the bed and my lens broke. I immediately had a panic attack and thought, oh great this is going to ruin our trip because now we can’t even take good photos to look back on. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who understands how much this camera means to me so we found a camera store that had my kind of lens. The only downside was that it was far from where we were and far from where we were going that day. -Honestly can I just say how weird it is being at home typing this up because this felt like it happened yesterday. Anyways, my husband said the fastest way we were going to get all of these things done, is if we ride the train (subway). I’ve never been on a train and a part of me was a little worried to because some things give me motion sickness. Luckily my fear of not having a camera was greater than my fear of feeling nausea. So we hoped on that train and I faced one of my many fears that day. When we got to the camera store they hardly spoke English so that was fun. Once we got on the same page, the only lens in stock that they sold separate was an upgrade from the lens that I had. Yes it was more expensive but it was either that or no photos. So ladies and gents I hope you enjoy my travel photos on instagram because they were not cheap.

Back on the train we went to our first real destination the Arc De Triomphe. We of course took photos with the outside and while we were trying to find the best position we saw people actually standing in the middle of the road to get that perfect shot. We thought that was a normal thing so we stood in line to get that perfect shot too. A few minutes passed and well…. the cops showed up! Hahaha I guess you aren’t allowed to take photos in the middle of the street, who would have guessed??!? ;).. We got tickets to go up in the Arc De Triomphe and see a perfect view of Paris. Perfect it was. That view was incredible and definitely worth the million of stairs we had to climb to get up there. We then decided to grab an uber to the Eiffel Tower which as mentioned before it’s beautiful! One great thing about Paris was that it wasn’t packed with people. Their were people around but it wasn’t bad at all and it felt as though we were all locals. Also the carousels in Paris are the best carousels. Just saying. Our next train ride took us to Notre Dame and can I say that place is incredible… the time it must have taken to build something so beautiful. We then decided we needed a refresher which of course consisted of more Perrier. After some down time we headed to the Louvre. Once again breathtaking architecture, and incredible views. After a long day of traveling around and exploring, last on the list was getting macaroons! We went The Laduree in Paris and in case you didn’t know, the macaroon was created by Pierre Desfontaines Laduree. Having real French macaroons was something I finally crossed off my bucket list. Unfortunately that was our last night in Paris because we were off to Milan the next day. Which will be my next blog post!

The things I didn’t mention were the cute grocery stores we stopped off in to get fresh water and these awesome waffle snacks. Or how incredibly kind every single person we talked to was, especially if we asked for directions. Or how we fell in love with all the food that we ate. Or how many times we had to stop off in random places for outfit swaps for photos. Or the times we sat out on the terrace taking in the view. I’m sure there are things that I’m missing but I know I will always remember this trip.

“Paris teach me of your love, teach me of your cobbled streets and rivers, teach me of your painters who sit by your bridges, teach me of the gardens and the cafes and the treats, teach me of the sun as it sets in the trees, teach me for I will listen, teach me and I will paint it with all the words it gives me.” -Atticus

2 thoughts on “Paris, Mon Amour

    1. Paris is unlike any other place. If you really want to go then start saving money as soon as you can to go because it’s worth it. I’ll be counting down the days until we go back


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