Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was the first stop on our Europe vacation. This place was actually a lot different from what I thought it was going to be. I had expected fewer people, locals playing music on the streets, cute little unique streets with beautiful buildings, little kids running around playing games. Now the buildings were beautiful, at least some of them were. Everything else was different. Maybe it was because we were in the heart of Barcelona and maybe there really are places in Spain that are like that and I just missed it.

Here is what Barcelona was like, at least from my perspective. Our first hotel was close to the airport and the cutest little thing ever! My hubby and I wanted one close to the airport since we were going to be exhausted after the really long flights. To be honest being in that area is a little fuzzy to me because the jetlag was really intense. Our next night we moved in closer to the city center and this is when my expectations went downhill. The parking for anything is ridiculously expensive and the hotel didn’t have parking so we had to park a few blocks from the hotel and drag all the luggage over there. Not only that but we also had to weave through SO MANY PEOPLE. Barcelona is up and poppin. I mean I had no idea so many people were going to be there, think of Disneyland on a holiday… you just don’t do it. Oddly when we got to the hotel it had a store front of a watch shop so that was interesting, but it did have a really cute terrace and I’m kind of a sucker for those.

I would say my favorite thing about Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter, the buildings are beautiful and you can tell there is so much history in those walls. However.. two other places we visited.. the whole city was like that so it kinda made me like the other places we went to better. I know I said there was a lot of people already but let me tell you how the locals are, you can immediately tell that the locals are not fond of visitors. Maybe we just ran into the wrong people but if you are speaking english around them they will stare you down and in a way it kind of makes you feel unwelcome which was a little disappointing. -While I’m on the subject.. I understand that people were raised in these places and they live differently but what I don’t understand is, this world is so so so incredibly beautiful and people have to understand that others want to come see how gorgeous their home really is instead of seeing it in photos. What is wrong about that? Forget the fact that I’m American, I am a person just like you. I want to learn from these places and see beautiful things.

With that being said the one thing Barcelona taught me is.. yes we are all different, but we can enjoy the same things. We can be curious and wander. Enjoy the fact that there are others who appreciate the same amazing things that you do. We are different but we are also the same. Given the chance, would I go back to Barcelona? Maybe not Barcelona specifically but Spain?.. definitely because I will continue to be full of curiosity and I would love to see what else Spain has to offer.


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