My Core beauty Favorites

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my current core beauty favorites! These are things that I’ve been using everyday, a few are new favorites but others are ones that I’ve been using for a long time.

First I want to talk about primer (since that is what goes on first anyways!) I was using the Cover FX primer that also has blemish medicine built into it which is probably the coolest thing ever! Only downside is that it’s pretty thick, even when you try to massage it in the skin, it stays pretty thick which might be good for some people but after awhile I felt like I just had so much makeup on. So I recently stopped using that and started using Marc Jacobs Face Primer. Can I just tell you that this primer is the most amazing thing I’ve ever used on my skin. I have combination skin but I also live in California and it’s extremely dry here, so I need something moisturizing. And this is MOISTURIZING! It’s amazing if you have skin like mine or live somewhere where you need extra care for your skin. If you have oily skin do not try this. guaranteed it will be too much moisture. One more thing I wanted to mention is that the primer allows you to only have to use the smallest amount of foundation, which means in the long run it will save you product and money!

Did I mention that it smells really good? It doesn’t smell like chemicals at all, it just smells amazing. Anyways! Link is below for the primer.

Marc Jacobs Primer


Lets talk about foundation next, which is also another new product that I’m amazed with. It’s the Dior Backstage, this product will be available on June 15th (tomorrow). I was lucky enough to try it before it came out! Now I know I said that the primer smells good but oh my goodness…. this smells incredible too. A little goes a long way with this one and the coverage is medium, it feels sheer which I love. It does last all day as long as you use setting spray. Before this foundation I was using Cover FX and I still really like that one but I think Dior stole my heart.

Dior Backstage


The Kat Von D contour is beyond my favorite. I refuse to use a cream contour because of how messy it can get, I feel like its hard to mess up when using this. It lasts all day long and it’s made to where you can get refillable pans for the shades you run out of instead of buying the whole thing again! Also the packaging is gorgeous! Perfect combination of sexy and sleek.

Kat Von D contour


The Laura Mercier setting powder will always be in my makeup bag. This doesn’t create creases under your eyes when used properly. You certainly don’t need to use a whole lot but I recommend getting the big jar of it instead of the small because it’s definitely worth it.

Laura Mercier powder


The only thing I will ever use on my eyebrows is the Anastasia brow dip in the shade ebony. This allows you to create whatever kind of brow look you want and it stays on so well! It’s so creamy and once again a little goes a long way, very long way. I will mention that once the browdip starts drying out though, it doesn’t have the same effect and it just doesn’t work very well so It’s best to keep the lid on it so it will last as long as possible. I also just noticed that it’s called Dipbrow but that just sounds ridiculous to me so I’m going to call it brow dip!

browdip or dipbrow


So these are my core products that I use everyday, I also forgot to list my favorite setting spray but really I feel like there isn’t a competition here, the urban decay all nighter spray is the best and my makeup lasts ALL DAY. Even if I’m riding roller coasters at six flags, I still have all my makeup on.

Urban Decay setting spray

Thanks for checking out my post! If you would like to know other beauty products that I love, leave me a comment and I’ll make that my next post!


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