How to make your Hair Longer & Stronger

My hair has been through so so much! I used to change my hair as much as I would change my outfits. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it might as well have been true! I finally got tired of dying my hair and decided I like dark hair the best! My hair was very damaged from dying it. I went from being super SUPER blonde to being a brunette…back to blonde.. then I went red and after that I went to purple, finally black after all of that. I know a lot of you can relate to this! Sometimes we just change so much as a person that once we change, we want to change everything! even our whole wardrobe (which is my favorite part about changing).

I realized that my hair was damaged to the point where it wasn’t growing very much, or if it was, it wasn’t growing the best. I decided the only thing I can do is chop it off and start fresh so that is exactly what I did! My hair was way above shoulder length, think about chin length, I hated it but it was necessary. I love long hair and seeing my hair really short was hard for me to do, which is why I decided I would do whatever I had to so my hair can grow long and healthy. I’m going to share with you the products that have worked extremely well for me!

First off I want to talk about the product in my photo. This is called Save the Day by Bumble and Bumble, it’s a daytime serum that helps restore your hair even if you have split ends! I got this product with some reward points I had at Sephora and fell in love with it. I don’t think I could live without it now. It makes my hair feel so soft and shiny! I’ll post the link to it below.

Bb. Save the Day serum

This other product is a BIG one. This has helped the most and I have seen a really big difference in my hair from using this. Its the Hair, Skin, Nails Vitamin by Nature’s Bounty. They are gummy, pink and taste really good. I take two of them every day. I also just found out that they came out with a new flavor but I’m addicted to the strawberry. I would post a link down below but this you can find at your local drug store or target.

The last product I wanted to talk about is a special hairbrush. I just recently got this hairbrush so I can’t say that it has helped my hair just yet but I know that brushing your hair properly is very important. You don’t want a brush that is going to be really harsh on your hair or it could pull it out. The brush I got is a boar bristle brush, this brush is so incredibly soft! Here are a few benefits to using a boar brush..

  1. Naturally conditions hair
  2. Improves hair texture
  3. Reduces frizz
  4. Stimulates the scalp
  5. Reduces washing frequency 

I found my brush on Amazon so I’ll skip linking it because you can find one of these brushes easily on there. It really depends on your preference, some brushes are not 100% boar hair so that is something you want to watch out for. Make sure you read the reviews before you buy from there!

Another thing that will help you is eating healthy! I love eating clean, I’m talking fruits, veggies.. lots of veggies. I eat sushi, and pho on a regular! Pay attention to what you put in your body. Something may taste good but if there are no benefits to eating it, then why are you? *Some food for thought*

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