LA, California Blogger Tips

LA is an extremely big place. It is so easy to get lost in all of the cool places around you, not to mention the fact that this is an Instagram hot spot. This city is filled with tons of Instagram worthy photo opportunities! That is also the problem.. so many people are wanting to take photos for their Instagram. I’m going to share with you some unique places that you don’t see photographed very often or at all.

Since I live in Ventura County, I’m about an hour away from LA so it’s not hard for me to get over there. My first real blogger trip to LA was very interesting to say the least.. I went to the most Instagramed spots which was a terrible idea. I went to the famous pink wall and trust me you’re going to want to skip going here. Not only has everyone seen this wall a couple thousand times but there’s also usually a line to take your photo there. Also why would you want to be like everyone else anyways?? From what I’ve learned, it’s best to take photos places that not many people have seen or talked about. On my first trip I also went to these rainbow stairs with the heart in the middle, those stairs are pretty cool and there is not many people around but finding the stairs is a little tricky. The actual name of the stairs is Micheltorena Stairs and they are located 3400 Sunset Blvd.

On my recent trip to LA I decided to do things differently, I didn’t want to go to the Instagram hotspots. I wanted to go to cool places that are totally underrated and deserve all the hype. I’ll give you these places in the order that we went in so you can easily find parking. Our first stop was supposed to be The Last Bookstore but we needed to stop for some food, which happened to be in walking distance. We found a parking garage near the bookstore for $10 a day and trust me, that is really cheap so you might as well bite the bullet and park there. We walked around and discovered this cute resuraunt called Yuko Kitchen in DTLA. The food is so fresh and tastes amazing, along with their green tea! The place itself is so unique which makes for a great place to take photos. After food we headed to the bookstore. If you love books you NEED to go here! This is such an amazing place, I could have spent hours in here.  Fun Fact: this building was actually an old bank! There are tons of cool/secret vaults and rooms to check out. Don’t forget to go upstairs as well, there are more books and some beautiful artwork. Facetune_26-03-2018-22-35-00.jpg

This photo was taken inside one of the old vaults

After the bookstore we went to the Bradbury Building. If you love architecture, this is an amazing place to take photos. Only downside is you are only allowed into the lobby. The building has been around for a long time and they don’t want people wandering around.


This is looking up from the lobby in the Bradbury Building

Our last stop for the day was OUE Skyspace. This place DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! If you’re visiting LA I HIGHLY recommend going here, you get a view of the entire beautiful city! There is also a slide at the top of the building that is wrapped around the outside, if you have a fear of heights you might want to skip this part. This place does cost money but you can buy tickets when you show up to the building. If you are military the tickets are much cheaper, also riding the slide does cost more than just a regular entry. The photo with the wings was taking at Skyspace and the best part about this is they aren’t very busy at all. Every half hour they send in more people but the groups they send in are very small so the area won’t be crowded.


The view from the top of Skyspace

If it’s getting close to dinner time and you’re looking for some food close by, there is a good sushi place called Arashi Sushi. It is a little pricey but the food is really good and it’s not that far from the area you would be in.


Randomly found this cute place to take photos at, couldn’t even tell you where it is but it was on our way to get sushi.

I also just wanted to share with you that LA is very beautiful but there are some interesting areas that aren’t the best to hangout in. If you want to see the pretty parts of LA then going to Beverly Hills would be a good place to go. The walk of Fame is probably the most dirty place I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to Las Vegas. It’s a cool place to see one time just to say you actually went. If you’re wanting to see a different side of LA then definitely visit the places I mentioned above, I promise you won’t regret it.


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