My New Favorite Workout Program

How many of you started a workout program an never finished it?? I am definitely guilty of this myself. We start something new and think it’s awesome but next thing you know you went to work, got groceries, cleaned the house and 10 days later you remember that workout you were supposed to do. I kept letting this happen over and over again but this has mostly changed now. Yes I still have to clean the house and go to work and everything else but working out just got a lot easier for me. A few years ago, I came across this fitness trainer on Instagram named Dannielle and I was so motivated by her photos and videos! She recently came out with her own HOME workout program that come with awesome resistant bands! Also they are in blue/teal so duh why wouldn’t you want them?? Now I’m not going to tell you that this workout will be easy.. because it won’t. You will feel the burn no doubt about that.

Following Dannielle along on her journey I quickly realized that she is not only a fitness trainer, she is also a law student! If you have any idea what it’s like being in law school then you’re probably wondering how on earth she has time to be a fitness trainer and make youtube videos at the same time. If Danni can do all of that, then I know for a fact that I can stick with this program and any other workout that I decide to do next. Stop with the excuses guys! Stop saying you don’t like your body, there are ways to change it! Instead of sitting on the couch watching tv, do some squats. Do lunges to the mailbox. Lets go out there and make a change! Did I mention how amazing it feels to workout?? I love starting my day off with a workout because of all the energy I get from it. I will link her webpage below so you can get motivated too!

Get that workout in girl!


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