Vegas Baby

Since my husband and I live in SoCal, Vegas is one of our favorite places to go for many differen reasons. Vegas is much more than just some drunk people walking up and down the strip (if you didn’t know, you can drink in the street there). This place is so incredibly beautiful! These hotels are incredible and the views you get are unforgetable. Since we’ve been a few times, I decided to make a list of things you MUST do while you’re there!

First thing is first, the hotel you stay in is crucial! Each place is going to offer different things. If you love the New York style theres a New York hotel! This place is made to look like you are right in the middle of the city, I’ve never been to New York so coming here was really cool!



Another cool hotel that does the same kind of thing is the Paris hotel. This one has beautiful pink and blue skies painted on the inside. There is also a restaurant next to the hotel called Mon Ami Gabi and I heard that the food there is really good! Plus it feels like you’re eating in Paris, there is a restaurant inside the Paris hotel as well which has a good view of the strip.


The Luxor hotel gives a completely different feel than either of these. This place is so interesting and probably the hotel we will stay in next time! This is where the Blue Man Group does shows, they also have a Titanic exhibit that I’m hoping to see next time. The whole place is in the shape of a triangle and on the inside all of the rooms are facing each other. This hotel is basically at the end of the strip so if you are wanting to be more at the middle or the other end of the strip, be prepared to get a taxi! The hubby and I walked down from one end to the other and we ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel! I also heard they are updating the rooms as we speak.


One of my favorite places is the Venetian. This place is beyond gorgeous! If you want to feel like you are a princess living in Italy this is the place to go! The ceilings here are pastel, they have beautiful fountains and gondola rides! Not only that but this has one of the biggest malls inside. When we were exploring we discovered a cute little shop right inside that has the biggest macaroons I have ever seen! You can get there by going on the bridge across the street, right into the Venetian and it’s the first little shop on the right. If you are in the mood for some lunch there is a very cool pizza place called Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Their pizza is amazing and the food is all family sized! We really enjoyed eating here a lot.


Now for my favorite hotel of them all.. Caesars Palace. This in my book has the most luxury. The rooms are gorgeous, the bathrooms are even better.. it has a big soaking tub with jets. If you go during the summer, the pools are more than you could ever dream of. We love staying here when we go but one thing to keep in mind, this is one of the most expensive hotels to stay in which is something to keep in mind. We love eating in the food court, they have a great selection of food choices and they also have a really big mall. Maybe even bigger than the one in the Venetian. If you are in the mood for something fun.. Caesars is also home to the number one nightclub in Vegas called Omnia. Omnia is so beautiful, they have a few different areas of the club you can hang out in. One area has rap music playing, the main area has EDM (my favorite music) playing, or you can head to the roof for a beautiful view of the strip and some drinks.


*I also just want to make a quick suggestion, the Linq is also a great place to hang out in and has awesome BlackJack tables! The Cosmopolitan is also a really cool place to hang out*

The place we stayed in this time is called Treasure Island. You might of heard from it from one of the Miss Congeniality movies! This hotel is older, it is still really nice but I feel like it smells like smoke a little more than the others. The rooms are really nice though and it’s a close walk to the middle of the strip. There is an awesome seafood restaurant called Seafood Shack. I highly recommend going here! My husband enjoyed the cocount shrimp while I had the calimari with really good sauce.


Basically Vegas is an awesome place to go, please leave the kids at home! There are still people walking around acting stupid and I just don’t understand why you would bring your kids to a place like this but anyways..

Don’t forget to make a stop to see the Seven Magic Mountains! Those are the pretty colorful rocks in the photo above!

*Have a great time and be safe!




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