Dazey Lady

Awhile back I was scrolling through Instagram and somehow stumbled upon someone named Danielle Nagel. Her photos were absolutely gorgeous so of course I started following her. I noticed that she had started her own clothing line and I knew I had to go check it out. I instantly fell in love with her style and quickly realized that this isn’t just a clothing line to Danielle. This is a movement, this is something that she and other people are passionate about, this is something much greater.

Do any of you know what “slow fashion” is? Don’t worry because I didn’t either, in fact I didn’t have a single clue what it was, but I saw that Danielle’s brand is all about it so I got curious and wanted to know more. Theres something called “fast fashion” and “slow fashion”, “fast fashion” is when big companies copy the trends they see on the runway and make them their own but with low quality and a low price to sell to the mass market. “Slow fashion” means that the clothes you get are great quality, they last 10x longer, and they design the items themselves. So not only are you getting longer lasting clothes, you’re also paying for something that someone genuinely worked hard to create. This movement also slows production for that awesome quality that we all want and fair wages to the people that live right here instead of paying a small amount to the people in different countries working in sweatshops.

Now I know that there are big companies out there that we love *cough *cough Urban Outfitters.. and I’m sure there will always be bigger companies out there that still do “fast fashion”, and I’m not saying that this is something everyone needs to do but if at least some of us can make even the smallest difference for a better future then isn’t worth a shot?

With that being said I invite you to click on this link below and fall in love with this brand just like I did!

Dazey LA



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