The Watch that Everyone is Talking About

Christmas came a little early for my hubby, just one present though! I couldn’t wait and I had to give it to him I was too excited. Wood watches are the new thing and honestly.. it’s probably one of the coolest things ever. I recently stumbled upon this company called JORD on instagram and loved how their watches looked. They have so many different styles, both for men and women! I wanted to share this with you guys as an idea for a Christmas gift, if you’re wondering what to get someone and can’t decide this watch is a great idea!


As you can see above this beautiful watch comes in a great wooden box to store away when you aren’t wearing it. The top of the box has a magnetic lid and there is also a magnetic drawer on the side of the box to store your complimentary wood care oil and a dust rag to keep the watch nice and shiny. There is also a place to store extra links in case you need to change the size of the watch. The best part is you can even get the box or the watch engraved to really make the gift personal and meaningful.


If you are interested in checking out the watch I got click here

Mens shop click here

Women’s shop click here

Go take a look, the quality is really good and you get what you pay for!

BUT! Before you shop click on this link here to get 25% off your order!


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