Inspiration is everywhere if you look hard enough

I basically have an “instagram husband” and it is probably the best thing ever. He usually takes all of my photos, he gets really into taking them too and he definitely gets me motivated to create great content for you guys. Some of you know that my husband is in the Navy and with that being said there are times where we can’t go too far from the city. I was having a difficult time trying to think of a place around town where we could find a beautiful backdrop for the photos… which is silly because I live in one of the prettiest cities in California but since I look at it everyday, I lack the inspiration.

There’s a downtown/main street in the city next to ours and I’ve been there once before just to go to a store but I never got the chance to actually look around. My hubby gave me the idea that we should go downtown to take photos and see what that area has to offer, I agreed to it not really getting my hopes up and we went down there. I have to tell you guys… the second we started walking, I was so completely in love. There are so many different unique stores, gorgeous restaurants, secret little allyways.. this whole entire gave me so much inspiration, and to think I wasn’t even that excited about going. This just proves that you should always keep your eyes open for different opportunties!

image1 (1).jpeg

Outfit details –> Sweater: Tiki girl  Jeans: Nordstrom Shoes: Similar


I also wanted to share one funfact about my adventure, the only public restroom downtown is in a restaurant and the only way you can use the bathroom is if you get a “bathroom coin” to put into the door.

image1 (2).jpeg

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