The Best Makeup Palette on the Market

For those makeup obsessed people out there, you have probably heard that about the Jaclyn Hill palette and you might be sick of hearing about it in which case you should probably stop reading this post immediately.

I have been a major Jaclyn Hill fan since she started out. I fell in love with her personality and the fact that she is ALWAYS being herself. She doesn’t act differently when shes on or off camera and that is hard to find these days.. in fact Jaclyn is the only makeup youtuber that I watch. I know there are TONS out there but shes my favorite and she always will be. This past Christmas I got one of the best presents everrrrrrrrrrrrr! My dear hubby knows me so well, he knew I needed new makeup brushes so he bought me these gorgeous brushes that come in a seashell case (also in love with mermaids). He didn’t just give me that… he also sent Jaclyn a message and tried his hardest to contact her, he finally got a reply from her manger (her awesome mother!) and was able to send my makeup brushes to Jaclyn so that she would sign my makeup brush case…SIGN MY MAKEUP CASE! How amazing is that? she even wrote me a handwritten card. Award winning husband right here….

Now you can see why she is my favorite, shes genuine and she cares about people.

Which is all why I made sure I bought her palette! She mentioned so many times how hard she worked on this palette and it definitely shows! I have used this palette everyday since I got it. The looks you can do with this are endless, you can go natural with the nudes or be a mermaid for the day using those beautiful colors. This palette is extremely creamy which makes it so easy to blend out the colors and layer different shades. This palette is currently out of stock but will be back in stock on July 18th at 8AM PDT

Below is a look I did using this awesome palette


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