Current Favorite Haircare

I am SOOOO late to the party on this one guys… I bought my first dry shampoo the other day (don’t yell at me). I usually wash my hair every other day and to some of you that might be too much washing but I love how my hair feels when it’s clean so I’m a little addicted to it. However, I love my hair and I want it to be even healthier and I thought I would give dry shampoo a shot. Plus it’s a major time savor for my busy mornings. There are so many different kinds of dry shampoo! I can’t believe how many there are, how are you supposed to pick one? I was standing in Sephora just looking at all of them and thank goodness someone who works there came over to help or I would of stood there all day… maybe all night too. Obviously I have really dark hair and I didn’t want a dry shampoo that would look weird or show discoloration. I also wanted one that wouldn’t dry my hair/scalp (turns out I have a sensitive head). The worker suggested the Living Proof brand, she also had really dark hair and said that was the dry shampoo she used. I decided to try it out and so far I am really liking it! It smells great and it seems to get the job done.

Moving on to shampoo and conditioner… I recently had to throw away my shampoo because it was drying my scalp out soooo bad and I have never had that issue before. I stopped into Ulta and picked up ogx marula oil shampoo (basically anything with oil in it I will try). This shampoo smells like heaven in a bottle not even joking. Not only does it smell good in the shower but it also smells good when you get out.. my hair still smells like this shampoo and its been three days. ok maybe like two and a half but still you get my point. Now as far as conditioner.. I take my conditioning very seriously. I got diamond oil by Redken (love Redken products by the way). I stopped buying just regular conditioner, I always get some type of hair mask because I feel like regular conditioner doesn’t even come close to a hair mask moisturizing wise. I usually shampoo my hair, rinse it out, then put this mask on with some hair clips while I’m doing everything else and wash the mask out right before I get out of the shower so that it has plenty of time to sit on my hair. This conditioner also smells like heaven in a bottle but when you put the two of them TOGETHER oh my… I never want to leave my shower it smells so good. So if you are tired of your hair products (It’s good to switch them out once in awhile) try these things and let me know what you think! Products will be linked down below ->>>>

p.s. I’m going on a trip this weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you!!

Dry Shampoo

oddly I can’t find my shampoo online so you might just have to check it out at your nearest Ulta


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