Make Believe in Yourself

I recently took a trip to Ulta, I think I’ve only shopped there once. I usually shop at Sephora mainly because I always had a Sephora close to where I was. I recently got a new job (YAY!!!!!!) serious job upgrade.. however, there is not a Sephora anywhere in sight but there is MAC & Ulta. Which pretty much makes up for no Sephora. Once I walked into Ulta I had to ask myself why I didn’t shop there before… I love Sephora but I HATE how crowded it always is! Not to mention the fact that it is a really tiny store. Ulta is nothing like that, it’s open, big and feels welcoming. I only went in there to check things out but ended up buying makeup… I’m sure some of you can relate!

Tarte recently came out with a new line and I have always loved their style. It’s very beachy…mermaid..tropical.. and the packaging is always so beautiful! This new line that they came out with is more about unicorns and make believe (please refer to the name of my post). I decided to get their new palette, I didn’t read reviews on it because I thought it looked too beautiful in person to pass up. Once I bought it I did read reviews before I tried it out and it actually helped me when using this product. This palette is absolutely beautiful BUT you have to use it correctly. Many people were complaining about the fact that there was no pigment and all they were getting was a bunch of sparkle. Then someone commented about how they are using the wrong brushes to apply this type of eyeshadow. To use this eyeshadow, you want to use a very stiff brush and pat it on. If you use a fluffy brush you will get fallout and not much color on the lid. You can also wet your brush with setting spray before apply to get more of the metallic look. With that being said I love this product, I think they did a great job and it smells like the best vanilla scent in the world. I could sniff this all day.. might try and use it as a perfume. That was a joke don’t do that. Or do I don’t really care.

FullSizeRender (42)

FullSizeRender (12)

Product details:

Highlight & Eyes




Setting spray

Don’t ask me whats on my lips because I have no idea.. actually I do but It’s a mix of some things.

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