It’s Like Visiting an Old Friend

When we were kids there were things that we loved doing. We climbed trees, played with bugs, bike riding, skipped rocks, read books, painted, used our imagination, went camping. We all have something that we did as a kid that we loved.. but do we do these things anymore? When did we stop? ..And why? Why did we stop doing something that gave us so much happiness.

When I was a kid, reading books was my favorite thing in the world. I loved that I could read something and my mind would create images in my head. I loved that a good book could take you anywhere you wanted to go even though you were just sitting in your room. I remember times when I would actually forget where I was because I was so involved with this book. The only thing that I hated was the feeling of finishing a good book. I was afraid I wouldn’t find another one that made me feel the way that one had.

I know that this world has given us so many options of things to do, the list is endless. I feel like as I got older I replaced things that I loved doing with other things... I stopped writing, I stopped reading and I can’t even remember why. All I know is we all have things that we loved doing at one point and those little things are what make us different. They make us unique, those are things worth holding onto. When we were young we might not of known exactly who we were or what that was even supposed to mean but we did know what we liked and what we didn’t, which in the end does make us who we are. Maybe we get so wrapped up in other things that we forget who we are. Technology is a big deal these days and it can be a wonderful thing.. in doses, but it can also be a distraction from the things that truly make us happy. I recently told my boyfriend Chris about how I used to read books all the time and it was my favorite thing in the world..but I stopped. He was scrolling on Facebook (see technology can be good) and saw a list of 17 books that could be read in 24 hours because they were just that good. I read the list and fell in love with 11 of the 17 books. I definitely plan on reading all 11 and will be blogging about them for those other book worms out there.

Well that is all for today, excuse me while I go read my new book.


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