The not so Secret Beauty Secret

I don’t know about you guys but my Facebook/Instagram and all the other social media sites have been blowing up about this black face mask! I watched some videos of people using this and some of them say peeling it off is the worst pain ever. I was so freaked out to use this because I have really sensitive skin and after these people pulled the face mask off they were really and I mean really red. I said ok that is ridiculous I will not being doing this I don’t care if this cleans out my pores I won’t go through that much pain to do it. Then one day a co-worker started talking about this mask and how she bought it, started using it and loves it! She said it didn’t hurt as bad as what people are saying it did. With this new awesome information I decided to order the mask and take my chances. I am not even going to mention the site I bought it from because it took over a month for this mask to get to me! I finally got it last week and starting using it, I wanted to let you know what my experience was with it.

Before you put the mask on you need to open your pores and I did this by just getting in the shower because it also says to do this on clean skin. After you are finished make sure your face is completely dry. I do not advise using your fingers to put this mask on because it’s a lot like glue! I just found a plastic knife laying around the house and used that. You want to put a thick layer on so this is easier to peel off. You also don’t have to put this all over your face if you don’t want to, especially if you are freaked out by it like me! The first time I used this I only put it on my nose and a little on my cheeks where I have the most issues. I waited 30 min. before peeling the mask off. Once it was time I just found a corner and slowly started to peel… IT DID NOT HURT. I did not feel one single thing, if anything it tickled. It definitely cleaned my pores and my face was so smooth after using it. I highly recommend this product! I have no idea why some people say it hurts unless if they just have a lot of hair on their face in which case I suggest getting a little facial razor before using. Do that and I promise you won’t feel a thing. You purchase this product by going to google and typing in shills black mask. I saw that ebay has a lot of them, did I mention this is only like 5-6USD??? 100% worth it.

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