Always Room for Dessert

First week back from vacation and I had a packed schedule between work and appointments. I haven’t had much relaxing time this week which for me is really important otherwise I might just bite your head off ;). I have been dying to go shopping here lately and I really need to because there’s some new makeup/skincare products I’ve been wanting to tell you about! Anyways, for me the next best thing to relaxing is eating dessert. I could literally just eat dessert for every meal of the day and be the happiest person in the world. One of my favorite desserts are macaroons! If you haven’t had one yet you definitely need to add that to your to-do list today, but I suggest going to an actual bakery because I’ve already tried the ones at walmart in the freezer section and hunny they just don’t compare. This cookie is very popular in Europe and France, it was first made in Italy and very quickly became the favorite cookie in France. Now France makes them and it still is the best selling cookie there. I have tried several different brands of macaroons and so far the one in the picture is my favorite. Last night my boyfriend and I went to the collection (probably my favorite shopping area in Oxnard). We decided to go to Whole Foods to get a pizza and they also have a bakery there with way more desserts than you could ever imagine. I spotted these and I knew I had to get them! They taste so amazing and will always be my favorite. The only other place where I really liked them was at a little cafe in Atlanta..although I don’t remember what the place was called. Last year for my birthday me and my mom attempted to make these together and they actually turned out pretty good! They tasted different though and wasn’t as fluffy so if you really want to try one I suggest finding a bakery that makes them. I have only ate half of the ones in this box so I am not sure what flavor they all are..

Starting from the left..

I’m thinking the first one is either lemon or vanilla (both flavors are amazing), mint & chocolate, snickerdoodle, not sure what this one is but it looks like it would be lemon, the 5th one was my favorite and it tasted a lot like peaches but sweeter, the last one I haven’t tried yet but it looks like coffee or something along those lines.

FullSizeRender (35).jpg

I have not found a single macaroon that I didn’t like!

“I don’t want to look back and think… I could of eaten that”

2 thoughts on “Always Room for Dessert

  1. Leah!! Whole Foods is the grocery store I was telling you about where I saw macaroons! I wanted to send you some to try but sounds like you can get them anytime now! I still have yet to try one. It is now ‘on my to-do list today’ lol!


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