Quality Vs. Quantity

Kate Spade has always been my favorite purse designer, she has other accessories as well and even some clothes. The first thing I ever bought from there was a Tiffany blue wallet, I still have it and it’s still my favorite wallet ever. I love this designer for many different reasons..

  1. The quality is amazing compared to other purses
  2. Everything there is unique
  3. The colors are gorgeous and bright
  4. The structure of the purses are beautiful, I love my purses to have structure/stiff and sit up by themselves (not a big fan of hobo purses or bucket bags)

My opinion for every accessory and every clothing item is quality over quantity. What is the point of having a bunch of cheap items that will fall apart in a few weeks or even days? Spend your money on something good so that it will last you a long time. I would rather spend my money on one great thing than 20 cheap things. I know so many people that would rather buy 20 cheap things just because it’s cheap, they might not even use the dang things but they thought they got a good deal so they bought it. I’m not going to name any of these places, but there are department stores that use very cheap fabric, jack the prices up and then put the items on sale really cheap to make people think they are getting a good deal. Why are you falling for that? Those things will fall apart the first time you wash them. Now I completely understand if you just don’t have the money but that’s not what I’m talking about. If you have the money then save it for something worth all that time you put in at work, I promise it’s totally worth it!

I recently went to the mall with my mom and saw there was a Kate Spade, of course I had to go check it out. I know these purses are pricey but remember quality over quantity. This purse was sitting away from the others and the second I saw it I fell in love. The colors are beautiful, perfect for spring and summer, it’s square and sits up without me holding it. It has three compartments, the one in the middle zips up which is great for things that could easily fall out. The best part about this is that it matches my wallet that I love so much! If you are in the market for a purse I highly recommend going here. My mom also purchased a purse and a wallet that day but she found the perfect one at fossil while shopping for watches. Did you know they made purses? They are actually pretty gorgeous as well. I wish I had a picture of hers to show but sadly I do not. I’m going to link below some Kate Spade purses that I’m currently dying over!

similar pattern
so beautiful!
cute little thing
obsessed with the lavender

Also if you wanted to find ones cheaper I would check out Poshmark, Tradsey or any other kind of selling/trading app. Keep in mind they will be most likely used and could have some wear and tear.

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