Purple V-Day

I haven’t posted any makeup looks lately and I have been missing it like crazy! This past week has just been very hectic for me and I’ve been really busy but you guys will see a lot more of me now! The boyfriend and I are going on two vacations and tomorrow will start the first one, I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. I am posting this kind of late in the evening because I spent most of my day trying to figure out what outfits I am going to take with me.. I almost just wanted to pack my whole closet. I mean if you’re anything like me than you have an outfit for every occasion, for rainy cloudy days, for doing a lot of walking, for trying to impress your date.. you catch my drift. Honestly I’ve been up since 6am and I have no idea what I did with my day. BUT! I did do this makeup look that I am completely in love with.. I love using different colors and changing things up from my everyday look so today I was inspired to use purple. I used a palette that is very old but still very good and that would be the Kat Von D spellbinding eyeshadow palette. I will link other purples that you could easily use for this. I did a bright purple on the lid that had some shimmer in it and then for the crease I did a darker purple that also had some shimmer in it, then for the inner corner of my eyes I used a very light lavender just to highlight that corner. Above the crease I used more of a neutral color because I wanted this look to be more on the casual side, then for the brow highlight I used champagne pop. I also used champagne pop on my cheeks as well. I lined my lashes with black eyeliner and used mandy lashes for a glam finish. On my lips I used a pink/tan lip liner without lipstick or gloss. This look could be great for V-Day especially if you like purple more than pink! You don’t have to just use pink and red for everything, switch it up a little bit and try something new.

could use for crease —-

very similar to the lid color—-  Don’t forget to blend!

inner corner—-

similar lip liner

highlighter & blush

foundation -love this foundation to death

setting powder (only the best ever)

contour  -make sure you get the refillable pan one!

lashes -use code Leah10 to save some money!

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