Chumash Trail

This weekend my boyfriend and I went hiking again but this time it was on a mountain. Never in my life have I experienced something so amazing and so terrible all at once. Before I explain why I also want you guys to know that I do exercise so believe me when I say this.. this hike was probably the best workout I have ever had. I have not ever hiked up a mountain before and if you asked me right now to do it again I would have to sit and think about it. However, the views you get from this place are amazing and I do not regret doing this one bit.


This picture shows the view  of the parking lot and the beautiful ocean.. this isn’t even near halfway up the mountain. At this point you’re just getting started!


Getting closer to the top and the ocean is looking amazing! The wind was blowing pretty bad this day and we were just starting to feel it more at this point.


Another view from where we were standing!


This was the part that killed me the most. I know it looks like nothing from this picture but you have no idea. To get to the top of the mountain you are walking completely straight up! The wind was blowing so bad at this point and I could hardly breathe.. but we were so close so we couldn’t turn back now.




And finally we made it to the top!


Nothing beats this incredible view. In the end it was completely worth it and now that I’ve sat and thought about it.. yes, I would hike this mountain again in a heartbeat.

After our hike we decided the ocean looked to perfect to not go to the beach!






This is a far view of the mountain we hiked! It was a great experience and there is no one else I would rather hike the mountain of death with. If you are ever in California you should check this place out, you won’t regret it!

By the way we took some pictures of each other but the wind was so bad that they turned out terrible soooooo…..hope you enjoyed the pictures! I am looking forward to our next adventure and can’t wait to share it with you guys.

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