To lash or not to lash..

In the picture above I am not wearing ANY false lashes. Yep, that’s right.. these babies are all mine. I was blessed with some long thick lashes, so why do I wear false lashes then? If any of you have lashes like mine then you know that taking the time to put mascara on them can seem like it takes FOREVER, not to mention curling them. I love my natural God given lashes but they take work and some days I want to focus on my eyeshadow. Putting lashes on takes less than half the time it takes for me to put mascara on these puppies. During the summer you will probably see me rocking mostly my natural lashes because I will spend most of my days relaxing at the beach! Wouldn’t want to loose a false eyelash in the ocean someone might think its a new water insect. I would also like to mention that I never wear false bottom lashes, those have always been my natural lashes (did you know you can buy bottom lashes as well?). It’s amazing how far we have come in the beauty industry. There are so many neat tips and tricks that would be easy for anyone to follow and if you still don’t know how to do it then keep practicing. It took me a long while to get where I am today with my makeup and with practice it will only get better. I believe that some people are born creative, they just have that in them. If you feel like that isn’t you, don’t get discouraged! keep trying!

FullSizeRender (24).jpg

I also wanted to show off my posie k lip gloss by Kylie Cosmetics. I usually never wear lip gloss at all because it tends to get EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE! You put some gloss on your lips and the next time you look in the mirror it’s in your nose, in your hair and all over your face. This lip gloss is by far my favorite, I love the color. The texture is amazing and the best part is, it doesn’t feel sticky!

*Quote of the day

Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life.

-I have no idea who wrote that but it’s probably true.. unless if they have bad eyebrows.

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