Mermaid Love

I can’t recall the first time I ever swam but I do know that I’m a natural. I love swimming and being near the ocean! I just love how it makes me feel, plus I am a pisces =  fish = mermaid.. right? Not to mention my birth stone is aquamarine, which is only like the most gorgeous color on the planet..and aqua means water so once again.. mermaid. Since all of us mermaid lovers out there can’t always be in the ocean, we now have tons of mermaid outfits to choose from! Is it just me or is everyone into mermaids these days? Anyway, I am going to link below some mermaid things that I am crazy about that way you other mermaids can enjoy these things as well! But first here’s another picture in my mermaid bodysuit.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

I got this bodysuit from forever21 but can no longer find it on their website. Here are some other mermaid tops from forever21

hoodie T-shirt PJ’s

Other places with mermaid things..

Tank Cute Pouch Blanket

Also for those of you wondering about my wrap I’m wearing it is pretty old and I can’t remember where I got it but I love wearing this as a cover up for my swimsuits!

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