Squeaky Clean

Alright I have to be honest with you guys..(try not to yell at me). I have not once washed my makeup brushes. Yikes! I know that is SOO gross! I also didn’t have professional brushes though and I guess that made me not want to take care of them. I got some amazing brushes this past Christmas from my boyfriend and they are magic. So of course I want to do what I can to take care of them and keep them looking this good.. but did you guys know that keeping your brushes clean is not just to protect them and make them last a long time? Cleaning your brushes also helps YOU! Dirty brushes contain dirt, oil, old makeup, dead sin and bacteria! If you struggle with breakouts then this step is very important. who knows, this might be why you are having breakouts or at least a big cause of it. Since I haven’t cleaned my brushes before just recently.. I wasn’t sure of what brush cleaner to get, let alone how to use it. I talked to one of my friends who is the manager at Sephora and asked her what her favorite brush cleaner was. For those of you who are still hooked on the beautyblender, this cleaner works for those as well! The cleaner I use is solid like regular soap, but it also comes with a grid. When you get the brush/blender wet, you rub it on the soap and then use the grid to get off the excess dirt. Once you are all done, set the soap on top of the grid to dry. Some people do a quick wash after every use and if you like to use different shades then I highly recommend doing this. If you stick to the same colors then you could probably clean them one to two times a week and be good to go. Keep in mind that it does take awhile for your brushes to dry so keep them in a ventilated area that way they don’t mold and smell. I know some of you are thinking.. well why can’t I use a hairdryer? DON’T!!! No seriously it’s not the best idea even on the lowest setting. The brushes can loose their shape and we love our brushes to stay happy and fluffy. Any questions on brushes or how to clean them? Feel free to ask!

Brush/Blender Cleaner

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