Casual Tuesday

I was getting ready for the day and I realized that I am running out of everything! I mean.. I am out of shampoo, foundation, primer, powder, and getting ready to run out of several other things. I promise you I did not buy all these things at once so why on earth am I running out of all of it at the same time? Please tell me I am not the only one that has this issue.. and It’s not like I can stop buying these things because hello I am a girl and yes girls are expensive that is just the way it is. I always said that I wanted my first child to be a girl because most of my family is all girls and honestly I have no idea what I would do with a boy. He would still look stylish that’s for sure.. seriously though I might be changing my preference. I don’t think some people realize everything that girls do to make themselves remotely presentable. If the girl loves makeup then you buy them makeup which can be very expensive, then if they love fashion you buy them what clothes they like, they like to get their hair done, nails done. If my girl will be anything like me then I will have my hands full that’s for sure.

 On days when I have to run errands or if I don’t have much going on I usually don’t like wearing jeans. I love being comfy and wearing soft lightweight things! I am currently watching Friends With Benefits while waiting on some laundry..this definitely qualifies as a lazy day. I will link below some pieces that would be perfect for a comfy lazy day.


Also on sale!

I love crop tops  
so pretty


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