Glitter Vamp

hello dolls! Today has been super rainy and gross so I decided to do something fun with my makeup. Also my spray tan is pretty much gone so hello pale vampire! …for now anyway. So for this look I used a brown/purple on my lid & a pink highlight on my inner corner. Then I decided to play with some glitter because its obviously the best thing in the world! I used the glitter in my crease and a little above my crease that way you will still see the glitter when my eyes are open. I then used a lavender shade on the area above my crease and continued with a pink highlight combined with champagne pop for my brow highlight. On my lips I used Leo which is one of Kylie Jenner’s lipkits. I will link down below everything I used for my eyes. If you would like to see what I use for foundation please let me know and I would love to do a post about that.

best palette ever (the pink shade I used is in here)

for the lid

the crease (this is currently sold out and sells out a lot, get it while you can)

lavender eyeshadow for above crease


Leo lipkit

 eyelashes -I always keep a pair of these in my collection

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