Current Beauty Favorites

1. half_bag_web_grande_56aef7e9-a51c-437f-a9e1-e089fbda8014_1024x1024 2. s1809193-main-lhero

3. disney-tinkerbell-set 4. chaps-UML_1024x1024.png

5.12501899_964697853622427_1728833074_n.jpg 6. s1900000-main-lhero

I just wanted to share a few things with you guys that I am loving! First thing I posted is a makeup bag but lets be real we all want to use it as a clutch! The second item is my favorite mascara in the world! One place that I love getting my lashes from is House of Lashes, I have not tried the Tinkerbell ones yet but I am dying to. The fourth item is my favorite brand of liquid lipstick. This stays on my lips longer than any other kind I have tried. One of my new favorite things would be this spray tan from Loving Tan. The color is absolutely gorgeous and I will post more about it at a later date. The last item is actually very new, I love this brand and I have always used their all nighter setting spray which is basically what this is. They actually partnered up with SKINDINÄVIA to make the product even better than it was before. I am very excited to try it out!

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