Bye Bye Beauty Blender!

Many of you makeup lovers out there know that the majority use Beauty Blenders, now I am not saying that they are terrible and don’t work because that isn’t true at all. What I am saying though is that I found something that works a million times better. When I usually do my makeup I notice that it is not as smooth as it could be so I started experimenting with different things. My wonderful boyfriend got me these amazing makeup brushes and inside the kit there is a foundation brush. I haven’t used it because I’ve been using the Beauty Blender but oh my goodness what a difference.. my makeup is a million times smoother! My pores are definitely not perfect and I think when I use the Beauty Blender it somehow makes my pores more noticeable. Using this brush just completely changed the way I do my makeup. I will gladly link the foundation brush I use that way you can give it a try as well!

This brush is the exact same as mine only in a different color. These brushes are very popular and tend to sell out quickly!

Foundation Brush

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