When it rains it pours


Here in the beautiful state of California it doesn’t rain very often which is good and bad. Good in the sense that you get to have more fun in the sun but also bad because we are constantly in a drought. Right now we are in the rainy season,  which means you should probably end your car wash subscription because you won’t be needing it anytime soon. Sometimes with the rain, comes some critters that are not usually roaming around. Of course they just want to stay warm and dry like the rest of us but sometimes they pick the worst spots to hang out in. Today we found out that some rats crawled up in my boyfriends car and chewed through the wires in his engine bay. FANTASTIC. I hope that rat got warm enough when he started his car. Even though it stinks that happened, there are definitely positives here.. I am so thankful Chris was not driving his car on the interstate. I am so thankful that it wasn’t worse than this. If you guys have the same issues let me know! I would love to hear your stories and how you took care of it.

Also on a side note, don’t you like our matching sweatpants?

couples who match together stay together.

Most comfortable sweatpants you will ever own

different pair but still amazing

I promise you won’t be disappointed

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