Skin care routine

Currently typing this awesome post while watching Gilmore Girls with a face mask on. I thought since I am currently using a mask I might as well do a post about what I use! My skin is incredibly difficult. It took forever just to find something that would work for it. My skin is typically dry and I hardly ever have any oil on it which can actually be a big issue. I absolutely love face masks so I try to use them pretty much everyday. Now keep in mind that just because these products work for my face, it doesn’t mean that it will for sure work for yours. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try though!

First product we will talk about is my mask from Lush. They have so many things there that I have not tried yet but I fell in love with this mask and it is called Mask of Magnamity. It feels very minty and cool on your face which is why I love it, also it leaves my face feeling incredibly soft! I leave it on my face for as long as I wish, it doesn’t hurt to leave it on longer than the typical 15 min. (seriously just got attacked by the biggest spider ever while typing this, I have never been more freaked out in my life) ANYWAYS.. I will link the product for you. Mask of Magnamity  I have another product that I use from Lush that I also use which is a lip scrub in the Bubblegum flavor (you can actually eat the lip scrub). Bubblegum  One of the big reasons why I love their products is because it is all natural and they are fighting against animal testing. They also love donating funds to great organizations. If you check out their website be sure to read about them!

When my face needs more than just a mask I turn to my Ole Henriksen Power Peel. I got it from Sephora as a sample and now I am obsessed with it. This is a little on the pricey side however it is a Microdermabrasion peel and I promise it is worth it. You can try to ask for a sample of it when you go to Sephora, I am sure they could give one to you to try before you buy. I use this when I feel texture on my face and when I say texture I don’t mean a breakout, its more from my pores being clogged. I use this and the texture is completely gone, my face feels amazing! Power Peel

Now my last collection of things are all from the brand Origins. I also get these things from Sephora and they are my favorite things in the whole world! first we will talk about my mask primer, I have never heard of a mask primer before but it makes a world of difference. You put it on your face before you put any mask on and it keeps moisture there so that the mask doesn’t try your face out. Mask Primer Next I use their charcoal mask which is by far my favorite charcoal mask out there, I use this one a lot! Charcoal Mask After my mask I usually hop in the shower and wash my face with Checks and Balances, this is a great everyday cleanser I feel like my face is 100% clean after using it. Face Cleanser Then before I go to bed I choose between two different things (you can’t use both at the same time) one is an intensive moisturizing mask. If you feel like your face has been really dry especially during the winter season then go to bed with this sitting on your face, when you wake up you should notice a difference. Moisture Sleep Mask The other product is definitely my favorite thing to use before bed and that is Night-A-Mins it is a renewal cream that basically restores everything your face needs. Its a vitamin for your face (Night-A-Mins). After using this my face looks completely healthy. It is pricey but a little goes a very very very long way. Night-A-Mins Once again if there is anything you want to try out I am pretty sure Sephora will give samples. Sorry this was such a long post but I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you start using any of these items, I would love to know what your thoughts are.

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