My favorite movie ever.

Last night the boyfriend and I went to go see Moana in theaters, I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it but I love Disney so I was curious. I didn’t actually think that I would come out of the movie thinking completely differently about things, I didn’t think it was going to have an impact I mean it is just a kids movie after all right? I connected to this movie more than I have any of the other Disney movies.

  1. It made me want to travel even more than I wanted to in the first place which I didn’t think was possible.
  2. It gave me an interest in finding out who my ancestors are… I hope one day I will find out.
  3. I knew I loved the ocean and beach but this just made me realize how lucky I am to get to experience that right outside my door.
  4. If I ever get the chance to move to Hawaii have fun trying to make me ever move back to the states.

On a more serious note though, I still can’t figure out if anyone else feels this way or if I’m just crazy and I’m the only one. I have a strong and deep passion…a need to go out and do something so big and amazing with my life. I feel like there is something incredibly important that I need to do and the problem is.. I have this feeling but how on earth am I supposed to find out what it is? (spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the movie) I don’t just have a big drum that I can hit that will finally prove why I have these feelings. One thing that I do know though, strong feelings or not, we all have a purpose here you just have to go out and look for it or maybe if you are lucky enough then it will come to you.

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