Faux Freckles

I noticed so many people were raving about faux freckles so I decided to give them a try. I thought they were really fun to make and super easy too. I think picking out where I wanted them was the hardest part. I used a very very small pointed brush and dipped it in two different colors of brown. I used an old cream contour kit but any contour palette will  work.

Before I did my freckles I primed my face with moisturizer and then went on to do my eyes. For these colors I used an older palette from Kat Von D which was called Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book. If you have that palette, I combined Babe with Arcadia on the lid. If you don’t have this palette I will link down below where you can get it. After that I used my Urban Decay|Gwen Stefani palette in the shade Danger for my crease. I also used those shades to highlight my lower lash line as well.

After I did my eyes I went on with my foundation and contour. I suggest doing blush and highlight before doing the faux freckles due to the fact that some of the freckles may come off and then you have to fix them again. If you have any question or comments please message me!

used for eyelid

use this for your crease

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