Venice Beach

I wanted to take more pictures of this amazing place but sadly I left my good camera in the car. This beach is all of the above, it’s beautiful, wild, crazy, unique. The people are so different and it was a wonderful experience. On one side of the beach there’s shops, performers, people drawing, people singing. On the other side is the ocean, full of people riding bikes and skate boarding.

I learned a lot from this place in a short period of time. I know during the holidays we all get incredibly stressed out, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little world (wrapped* yes I just did that). Sometimes I think we forget that there are other people out here doing so many different things! We saw this little boy, probably about 13 years old, he had his guitar & a microphone and he started singing. He was trying to put himself out there so other people can hear his music (he was amazing by the way). We also saw probably one of the weirdest things ever, there was a guy sitting on the railing of his deck off of the beach and he was meditating with a pink umbrella over him while holding his dog. I promise you, you have not seen anything like this before. At first I wanted to laugh because I thought it looked funny and everyone kept taking pictures of him, but then I realized that he was doing what makes him happy. He seemed so happy and content with his life… there are so many amazing people in this world and so many beautiful places , you need to go explore and see what else is out there!

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