Cozy little things

There is probably only one thing that I love during the winter (other than pumpkin spice lattes duh) and that would be wearing cozy things! It’s the one time out of the year where you can snuggle up with a nice fluffy blanket, some hot chocolate and a Christmas smelling candle. Yes I know Christmas is over but I cant help it.. who still has their Christmas decorations up?? This girl right here! More importantly though lets talk about these slipper boots. They are probably the most amazing things ever invented. The inside of them are all so soft and the outside is knitted with flowers at the top, so not only are they comfy but they are also super girly and I love girly things. I got these at Nordstrom last year, however they do have similar ones that are also pretty awesome which I will post a link to those for you. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

Gorgeous slippers right here & here

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